Don’t miss Aloha Counseling Savannah-GA opening celebration!!

Welcome to Aloha Counseling Savannah in Savannah, GA where we provide quality referrals to licensed, competent Counselors, Clinical Social Workers and Psychologists.   You contact us, we provide the name, phone number and address of a reputable clinician trained in the mental health field.

Spoiler Alert: If you wish to skip to the event and grand opening go to the end of page. 🙂

Why you might ask should I use your services?  That is a good question and deserves a helpful reply. The answer is that we interview each of our clinician providers and check their credentials-Georgia State Licensing, Degree (M.S.W., Ph.D, Psy.D), Liability Insurance (which helps you as well) and whether they adhere to our vision.

Our Vision Statement is, in part, based around forging relationships with providers who value and wish to provide excellent service to all persons irregardless of socio-economic status, their race, culture, religion, beliefs (political or otherwise), job or active duty/veteran status, sexual identity (e.g. Transgender) and sexual orientation (e.g. Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, MSM, Questioning) (LGBTQ).

We welcome all prospective patients, clients and consumers and treat them with Aloha!!

Now for our next event!  We are a new company.  We were just registered with the Georgia Licensing and Tax offices in December 2017 as an LLC.  To that end we are planning a celebration of our incorporation as an LLC and then a more formal grand opening (we are looking for space to rent in Savannah).  Please email me, Wes Hardcastle-Orr at Wes@AlohaCounseling.com if interested.   We will provide more information and updates in short order.  Thanks if you read this far.


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